For snacks, the Bacounis/Boucaniers Association offers a "Health and Food" project,

"Health and Food"

whose objectives are to regulate the quantity of food during snacks and to promote healthy eating within the institution.

Here are examples of snacks that we suggest you bring, as recommended by the Youth Health Service nurse:

- 1 fruit juice (100% fruit and no added sugar)


- Prepared raw fruits and/or vegetables:

fruit salad or compote without added sugar or fruits and vegetables already

cut-washed-peeled or dried fruit


- 1 starch

* cereal pancakes, corn, rice, buckwheat, millet etc...

* toasted breads or biscuits without sugar

* different breads (e.g. wholemeal bread, fruit bread, olive bread, etc.),

* plain popcorn

* wholemeal sugar-free cookies

* cereals without added sugar etc...

The snack does not replace breakfast or another meal!

This is why we have decided to limit the quantity of food offered to children and to favour foods rich in fibre (fruits, vegetables) and foods rich in energy (starches).

We start from the principle that, in our society, dairy products are offered to young children in sufficient quantities at home and so they don’t need to be consumed where children attend for a half day.

We ask that you aim to vary the snacks you offer to children in order to promote their enjoyment of different flavours and to awaken their taste buds (ex: guava, mango, melon or vegetables such as fennel, cucumber, celery etc.. .). Indeed, our approach also aims to make your child discover different foods and other flavours.

Thank you for considering our "Health and Food" project in the individual snacks that you offer your child once per week, and for not providing them with snacks that are too "rich" and too copious! Variety is not synonymous with quantity. Your child will find it very difficult to make a choice and to limit themselves. They will spontaneously want to taste everything that is offered to them in their snack box!

Do not hesitate to let us know if your child has more specific eating habits or if you are having difficulty with him or her regarding food.

To conclude ...

We ask that you reserve chips, cakes, biscuits, chocolate, sweets, sweet drinks, etc. exclusively for birthday parties.

We remain at your disposal if you need more information, and of course for your suggestions, and thank you in advance for your collaboration!