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Les Bacounis-Boucaniers: playgroups & nursery schools

Our mission

We provide an environment designed to support active learning from a young age,

allowing children to enjoy growing, exploring, learning and playing together

in a climate of confidence and complete safety.



Early-learning centres welcoming children from the commune of Collonge-Bellerive for over 40 years, representing over 3,700 families!

What is ‘Bacounis-Boucaniers’?


Named after historic ‘Lac Leman’ boat men and buccaneering types, ‘Bacounis-Boucaniers’ is an association of nursery schools and playgroups created in 1977.

The association is subsidised in part by the commune of Collonge-Bellerive and operates three sites; Bacounis I & II in Collonge, and Boucaniers located in Vésenaz.

A committee of elected volunteers – comprised of parents, representatives of the commune and care staff – support the management team and count amongst them parents who attended the same nursery schools when they were children!

Les Bacounis 1 & 2


from 2 years to 5 years old

Les Boucaniers


from 12 months to 5 years old

What is a “jardin d’enfants-garderie”?

We offer part-time playgroups and pre-schooling for children aged 12 months and upwards, i.e. regular attendance of half day sessions which do not span lunchtime, but which cater for naptimes. We also run creative ‘Wednesday workshops’ as well as a ‘Parent & Baby’ social group.

How would you describe your pedagogical approach?

Education is at the heart of everything that we do.  Our approach is centred on providing an optimum environment in which children can explore and enjoy active learning -  together - in a way that is adapted to their needs and the rhythm of their development.  As such we favour half-day sessions with groups organised by age enjoying activities adapted to their stage of learning and development.

We believe that this approach provides a strong development path and the best preparation for your child’s participation in other collective activities, and ultimately primary school life.

What is a typical day?

We propose a wide range of engaging activities all throughout the school year, adapted to each age group (e.g. free play, relaxation, motor skills, crafts, music, cooking, sensory discovery, oral and graphical expression, stories, excursions etc.).  We also benefit from fully equipped outdoor play areas, thanks to the commune of Collonge-Bellerive.

What else?

At Bacounis-Boucaniers, we continue to evolve our offering, which now also includes Wednesday morning workshops and a recently launched Parent and Baby group. Discover our new project 'Come and Move' offered to the Bacounis of Collonge.

We warmly welcome all suggestions and feedback

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