About us

An institution dedicated to early learning


The mission of our institution is to provide an environment conducive to active learning so that children can learn, grow, explore, and feel the pleasure of being and playing in a climate of trust and in complete safety.  A wide range of engaging activities is offered to children throughout the year and adapted to each age group (free play, relaxation, motor skills, crafts, songs, cooking, sensory exploration, oral and graphic expression, stories, etc.). All sites also have access to fully equipped outdoor play areas.

Collectively, the association offers 126 places for children aged 12 months to 5 years. They are supervised by a director and an educational team comprised of 8 early learing educators, 5 auxiliary 'ASE' trained staff and 1 'ASE' apprentice in training.

Distinct from a creche, which may be thought of more as a place of living, Bacounis and Boucaniers are principally places to socialise wherein children may discover group activities tailored to their stage of learning and development and in an environment adapted to their needs.

Registrations for the next school year principally take place during the period February to March of each year. Parents enrol their children for a period of 10 months.

We also offer Wednesday morning workshops and a parent & baby social group one half-day per week.