Wednesday Workshops

Each term, the Association offers two workshops on Wednesday mornings.

Times: 9h to 12h

Place: Les Boucaniers in Vésenaz

Ages:  - 1st group: 3 yrs - 5 yrs

            - 2nd group: 18 months - 36 months


Workshops aim to explore a particular theme more deeply each term, in a way that is fun and with activities always adapted to the needs and development stage of the age group.


Activities are organised across three main themes:

1. Creative workshops (painting, modelling, craft, cooking etc…)
2. Movement workshops (rhythmical, psychomotricity, relaxation, dance etc…)
3. Expression workshops (songs, stories, puppets, mime etc…)

Children may be enrolled either on a per term (trimester) basis, or annually.

Terms and Conditions and the Registration Form for the workshops may be downloaded from the 'Enrolment' page.